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Open MRI Preparation and Procedures

Our open MRI is designed to be spacious and has won several awards for its innovative unique design. Our Open MRI’s award winning design offers patients a comfortable and relaxed experience, especially for patients that are claustrophobic. We offer all types of MRI’s on our equipment, including, specific MRA’s for the brain and neck.mri test open mri in Highland mri machine mri cost mri technologist

Unlike X-ray and CT scans that use radiation, MRI uses magnetic resonance technology. This newer technology is a series of magnetic waves and radio frequencies that create detailed pictures of your internal body organs, muscles, structures, and bones.


MRI of the Brain


MRI of the Cervical Spine


MRI of the Thoracic Spine


MRI of the Lumbar Spine


MRI of the Foot


MRI of the Hand


MRI of the Joints


MRI of the Wrist


MRI of the Knee


MRI of the Hip


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As an ACR accredited facility, we meet the highest standards of professionalism and customer courtesy available.Our facility has spared no expense in accommodating patients with the best available in technology and the transparency required to ensure each patient observes the best the medical field has to offer.