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Ultrasound Imaging Services in Highland, IN

Affordable Ultrasound Imaging

No Insurance? No Problem! Ultrasounds from $150

Ultrasounds use high frequency sound waves to create pictures of inside the body. Ultrasound is real-time, meaning that motion can be captured along with blood flow, structures, etc.

Here are some Ultrasound exams we offer. Call us to see if we offer the type of exam you’re looking for as all of our exams are not listed below:


Ultrasound of the Thyroid


Ultrasound of Cardio


Ultrasound of the Abdomen (Limited)


Ultrasound of the Fetus


Ultrasound of the Prostate

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Ultrasound Technology

As an ACR accredited facility, we meet the highest standards of professionalism and customer courtesy available.Our facility has spared no expense in accommodating patients with the best available in technology and the transparency required to ensure each patient observes the best the medical field has to offer.

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